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Discount Codes

Post by zuul » Mon Feb 02, 2015 8:13 pm

Discount codes do not calculate properly with sales tax.
e.g Price=147 Tax at 20%=29.40 Total=176.40
with 50.00 discount it should be
Price=147 Discount=50 Tax should be calculated after discount applied so 147-50=97 Tax at 20%=19.40 Total=116.40

Jem calculates Price=147 Tax at 20%=29.40 Total=176.40 then minus the discount = 126.40 which as you can see is higher than it should be.
Jem calculates the total wrong and this needs to be fixed asap as all tax amounts would be wrong when using discount codes.

Please could you apply a fix asap.

Thank You

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