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Editing Themes

Post by Charlinda » Wed May 06, 2015 10:27 am

A ticket, number 109022, refers.

There might be other community members that can assist.

Your (JEM) response refers:

Your comment: unfortunately, if you want to actually customize the HTML code itself, you will have to edit the HTML templates manually. You can, however, upload your own logo
My reponse: If you look at what I have done on my account, you will note that I HAVE uploaded my own logo - see attached picture.

Your next comment: and select different themes that are available, but that's the only options without having to edit code directly.
My response: I am trying to select a theme that is available and from what it looks like the theme currently on webpage http://www.domain.com appears to be available, but yet, I have no idea how else to edit it. Do you see the picture of the lady holding her glasses? I would like to change that to one of my pictures. Do you also notice the scrolling text? I would like to edit that too. So part of the theme seems easy to edit (like the logo), my question is - how do I edit the rest? Or rather.... let me know which themes are available to edit, easily, on your platform without me having to go the ftp route.

Does my request make sense?
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Re: Editing Themes

Post by forumadmin » Wed May 06, 2015 6:55 pm

the image for the slideshow can only be updated through FTP, by either uploading and overwriting the image with a new one, or editing the actual HTML template.

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